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Patreon/November update

Got a super exciting month coming up! First of all: I'm finishing the pieces that will be recorded by a viol consort (led by Dara Blumenthal Bloom), so those are fun. They are character studies of some of the knights of Arthur's (early) court--rash Sir Gawain, "bold" Bedivere (to use Tennyson's word), curmudgeonly but loyal Sir Kay, long-suffering Sir Bors (the elder! One of Arthur's earliest allies). I'm also hoping to be much more active writing music for my patreon page, and I've actually got something I'm working on now for it--so to my subscribers: I'm hoping to be much more active coming up. I've finished an two movement organ piece for Evan Allen--it's called Austerity Measures and will likely come to fruition and recording some months down the line. The first movement is a big paen to 17-18th century French Organ language, and the second...well, the second kind of hijacked my life for a bit, so it's much more..multifaceted. Then finally on December 14th and 15th I will be recording, with my group of warriors (Henry Fraser, Connor Baker, Michael Sachs, Sam Decker, Nick Sanders and...a new addition, Aquiles Navarro) the complete first Book of Arthur, which, as everyone including the crows in my yard knows I've been working on this last year and a half. Also, really wanting to play some more with my trio-- Jeong Lim Yang and Allan Mednard. If anyone wants to split a bill with us or has a place we could play, hit me up! Lastly but not leastly, I'm playing at Spectrum on Oct 30th with a group ( the making). Hope to see you then.

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