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Quick update

Hi All,

I've just returned from a trip upstate, devoted primarily to work on the first act of Arthur, but also to study of the art of Rhetoric as practiced in the Classical Era, and Beethoven as well. A fearsome study-regimen, to be sure, but tempered in practice by leisure and Epicurean indulgence. I recently purchased a volume of Demosthenes' speeches on Amazon. To tempt my dilettantes eyes, there were many other Barnes&Noble-type packages they suggested. Just a few: "STOIC SIX-PACK!!", "PLATO MEGABUNDLE!!", "THE COMPLETE CICERO: REVISED EXTENDED NEW TRANSLATION EDITION BOX SET!!", "THE ULTIMATE DIOGENES: COMPLETE WORKS BOX SET!!!" "EPICUREAN ULTRA-PACK: GOLD COLLECTION!!". Among the official Twilight Board Games, Lord of the Rings action figures, and editions of whatever book has most recently been made into a movie, Plutarch is now offered in Family-Packs.

Lots of things in the works: a new trio with Lim Yang and Allan Mednard; an Organ piece for Evan Allen; and work on a project with Steven Long. I'm also writing an essay on video games, and going to pick back up my systematic study and writing about Purcell's Fantasias. There should be a video in regards to that soon, as well as other arcane things! Also check out an arrangement I made of Amazing Grace, which you can find in my Polyphonic Works for Saxophone playlist.

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