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Great review of Up Go We in Jazz News France

Translation: “A guy 26 years old who is an ultra-fan of Henry Purcell, you don’t find him on every street corner. And it seems so odd maybe you wouldn’t want to find him on every street corner. But when this guy is a jazz saxophonist and succeeds at PACing his two great loves in a great pagan ceremony, that’s an entirely different story. With his first album for the Sunnyside label, Logan Strosahl has come up with a gem of Baroque jazz. He makes his septet sound like a court orchestra getting drunk off of Ornette Coleman and Charles Mingus. It’s inspired, absorbing, and intelligent. Up We Go doesn’t just allow you to discover a good band leader, a good arranger, or a good composer: As far as the saxophone goes, the boy has managed to marry a raspy timbre and chaste lyricism. It makes you think of Clio: it has all the makings of something great.”

–Mathieu Durand

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