January 19, 2016




Steel your nerves, have a glass of water handy. I guarantee that at the end of this video, you will physically want to vomit. But that’s not what I’m posting about. I just want to look at this idiotic song and point one thing out:



January 9, 2016

Another key to understanding French music: the development of the ornate system of ornamentation associated with their Baroque music arose, as I’m learning, from Airs de Cour composers. An Air de Cour is a song, usually in AA BB form, with an extremely limited melodic...

January 7, 2016

Isn’t it exciting how we don’t know about music until suddenly we do, and then we’re changed? I had no idea of the immensity or uniqueness of the French organ tradition: that is until I started listening to Titelouze, De Grigny, Marchand, and Couperin. Now I see that i...

December 22, 2015

I’m composing the material for Lancelot and Guinevere at the same time–caught up in the same fate as they are. Lancelot, like most of the famous knights of the round table, is an interesting character. A devastating fighter and loyal friend to Arthur, he nevertheless i...

December 19, 2015

Jazz News France


Translation: “A guy 26 years old who is an ultra-fan of Henry Purcell, you don’t find him on every street corner.  And it seems so odd maybe you wouldn’t want to find him on every street corner. But when this guy is a jazz saxophonist and succeeds at P...

December 16, 2015

“The category is a Grand Canyon of echoes. Somebody utters an obscenity and you hear it keep bouncing back a million times. Categories are sometimes used by a person who feels that the one he’s talking to doesn’t know enough about the language in which he speaks. So he...

December 16, 2015


Hey all,


Go check out my Patreon campaign and please consider making a small pledge to fund my composition. Also feel free to just check out the music!


Also: my YouTube channel is a thing now, although pretty empty at the moment.

December 8, 2015

Is a wonderful example of Gibbons’ style. The seemingly effortless canonic writing, florid melodies, and distinct drama of the piece is characteristic. There is, it seems to me, an expressive openness to Gibbons’ style; he is to Byrd, perhaps, as Handel was to Bach–a...

November 24, 2015



Purcell’s Fantasias: no. 1 in D min

“The Hill”

Form:  5 Sections—A (17), B (10), C (12), D (9), E(14)



Overview: Fantasia I has bold themes. Each one seems to carry it’s own energy within itself, and we find Purcell able simultane...

November 23, 2015

We’re having an awesome time. When you conceive of all music as swimming in the same pool. Working on Messiaen yesterday…

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