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Sir Andrew (McGovern)


Sir Andrew is a hardy knight from the Western province of Seattle. He has withstood many trials and Tribulations of the Chops, and played, and even to the uttermost, and currently lends his prowess to several different bands, including Streets of Laredo, Green & Glass, and Underground Horns.

Sir Henry (Fraser)


A youthful knight, gifted with great skill, yet in fiery nature well-tempered in mildness and modesty, and in truth always puts the service of ladies foremost. Sir Henry is a sun illuminating any court. And these hath he rendered service in: Kissing Booth, Nick Sanders Trio, Crispy Butter Kitchen to name some.

Sir Michael (Sachs)


A Knight without equal in Purity and Wit, Sir Michael has brought many a listener to yield in both composition and improvisation—both of which he does passing well. He runs Little King, and is one half of the band Moonheart.

Sir Nick (Sanders)


Sir Nick in strength is one of the best living; there is no telling in what fashion he may do something, only that it will be passing fair and of good cheer. He is the leader of the Nick Sanders Trio, and one half of the hip-hop duo Ocean Noir.

Sir Sam (Decker)

Tenor Sax

A dux bellorum of diverse gigs, Sir Sam’s firm command of tactics strengthens the defenses of any army, and as a Knight is one of the best living. See him in Green & Glass and Shrove.

Sir Connor (Baker)


A traveling knight in constant pursuit, in rugged glory cast; with unbreakable hand hath he wounded many enemies full-sore, and fought, and even to the uttermost, yea, and heard the call. And Sir Connor is one of the greatest knights alive, and an unquenchable traveler of new sonic realms. They say he plays in The Ghost, Kissing Booth, and the Nick Sanders Trio.

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