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Logan Strosahl is a saxophonist and composer who takes improvisation, the history of jazz, and compositional craft as central tenets of his work. Logan’s compositions reflect a harmony between the aesthetics of jazz and material derived from many different musical sources, most significantly polyphonic 

music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras, modern composition, and various styles of "free" music.

Of particular interest is polyphonic part writing, as well as cadences and techniques from 16th and 17th century music. Composers such as William Byrd, and Henry Purcell exert a major stylistic influence. The tradition of improvisation in jazz and free music is of utmost importance to his music as well; too many great artists have played a part in that to name.

His first record, Up Go We, came forth on Sunnyside Records July 24,  2015. Logan lives in Brooklyn.


Sunnyside Records


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