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Born in  Seattle, Washington, Logan Strosahl  is a composer and performer creating genre-defying work that combines classical compositional soundworlds with the aesthetic outlook and improvisation of Jazz.


His most recent -and largest - work (released on September 3rd 2021), is a piece for chamber orchestra and soloist called Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a translation of the the 14th-century Middle-English poem of the same name. Before that, he released four albums on Sunnyside Records:​​Up Go We (2015), Janus (2016), Book I  of Arthur (2017), and Sure (2019), and you can find links to them below.

Photo credit: Chris Drukker

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Battle of BedegraineLogan Strosahl Team--Aquiles Navarro, Henry Fraser, Michael Sachs, Sam Decker, Connor Baker, Nick Sanders, Logan Strosahl
Arthur cover.jpg
JanusLogan Strosahl, Nick Sanders..comp. Logan Strosahl
Janus Cover.jpg
Up Go WeLogan Strosahl Team--Henry Fraser, Sam Decker, Michael Sachs, Nick Sanders, Connor Baker, Andrew McGovern
Up Go We cover.jpg
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Coming on The HudsonLogan Strosahl Spec Ops: Henry Fraser-bass, Allan Mednard-drums, Logan Strosahl-alto sax
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"Ultimately, his erudite manipulation of such material feels transparent. The trio blows through the compositions with nonchalant agility, using the disparate notions as improvisational grist."


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"A superb recording, remarkable for its focus and its journey through a long chronology of disparate source material."

--4 stars, Downbeat


“He makes his septet sound like a court orchestra drunk on Ornette Coleman and Charles Mingus. It is inspired, absorbing, and intelligent....It has all the makings of something great”

Jazz News France

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"[An] ambitious, idiosyncratic disc....contemporizes the tale with verve and wit" --Jazziz


what someone said


"Intellectually stimulating, this past/present accomplishment unveils a duo of enormous quality."


"...the way that Strosahl blends so many disparate musical styles suggests a composer of rare talent."

".....Sanders and Strosahl consistently impress, and make Janus a shining example of free-spirited, easy-flowing chamber jazz"


"His seven-piece band and the narration he wrote for Jullia Easterlin meld ancient lore, fanciful creation and powerful uses of jazz and classical music—modern and ancient—into an absorbing, demanding work" --Doug Ramsey 

“The ensemble writing is exquisite. Up Go We is 40 minutes long. It rewards hours of listening.”

–Doug Ramsey on Rifftides

 "It’s only the first act out of three, but it already is, unmistakably, an undeniable masterpiece."--Canthisevenbecalledmusic

"Their state-of-the-art improvisations display spirit and often wit, and always mesh

with virtuosity."

--JazzThing & Blue Rhythm

"It’s crazy, but it’s also kinda great, and I am 100% on board for Books II and III."--Stereogum

“...intricately constructed compositions with the joyful exuberance of a Mardi Gras second line.The mix of complex intelligence and a wide, warm smile connects with both head and heart, and serious tunes can be embraced for either their cerebral facets or just out of sheer fun”

"Hopping from canon to tone rows, and from rigid structures to modern free jazz exuberance, this album is a true gem of this year."

“….a most auspicious debut, one that leaves the

listener wanting more“

–Step Tempest


"Strosahl is already a master, and where he will go from here is anyone's guess....Up Go We is another best of 2016"

-4 1/2 stars, AllAboutJazz





Logan Strosahl proves there is no Inside/Outside divide, dismantling all dialectics: he’s melodic and free, reverent and irreverent, methodical and spontaneous, swinging and angular, raw and beautiful. ”

Aaron Goldberg

Photo credit: Chris Drukker

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